Doyles Leading Employment Lawyers (Employer Representation) – Queensland, 2024

2024 Doyle's Law List Awards

Leading Employment Lawyers (Employer Representation) – Queensland, 2024- John Farren

Leading Employment Law Firms (Employer Representation) – Queensland, 2024


Effectively Resolving Workplace Issues

With extensive experience gained in both the private and public sectors, Farren McRae Workplace Lawyers and Consultants provides workplace legal services, professional workplace investigations, workplace reviews and  dispute mediation services.

Our team delivers pragmatic and strategic solutions that are thorough, timely and cost-effective.

While based in Brisbane, Farren McRae Workplace Lawyers and Consultants accepts engagements across Australia.


Assisting Employers


People management can be some of the most challenging tasks employers face. For complex matters, often there is insufficient skill in house to manage workplace legal issues, workplace investigations, workplace reviews or to resolve disputes.

We provide employers with workplace legal advice, representation in Courts and Tribunals, investigation and dispute mediation services.

We are highly skilled in helping employers solve workplace problems in an effective way that everyone can live with. For us, it is not about winning at all costs (although winning is part of the strategy), it is about creating sustainable and positive solutions for the future of the individuals and the organisation.

Nonetheless, if you find yourself the subject of an unfair dismissal claim, adverse action/general protections dispute, unlawful dismissal proceeding, anti-discrimination complaint or other employment-related litigation, we are here to advise and represent you.


Supporting Employees


Not all employers do the right thing by their employees. We represent employees who are subject to a workplace investigation or show cause process, have been disciplined or dismissed, or have challenges with receiving their correct pay and condition entitlements, have suffered discrimination or bullying, or are dealing with workplace or other injuries.

Because we represent both employers and employees in workplace matters, our breadth of experience gives us the unique ability to see issues from both perspectives, which provides us with stronger negotiating power and a more strategic viewpoint.

Our Legal Practice Areas

Employment Law Advice

Award, Enterprise Agreement and Legislative Interpretation, Obligations and Entitlements, Redundancies and Transfer of Business.

Discipline & Dismissals

Unfair Dismissal Claims, Adverse Action/General Protection Disputes, and Unlawful Dismissal Proceedings.

Discrimination & Bullying

Anti-discrimination Complaints, Workplace Bullying, and Harassment.

Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts and Restraint of Trade.


WHS & Workplace Injuries

Workplace Health and Safety Claims, Workplace Injuries, and Workcover Claims.

Disputes & Grievances

Workplace and interpersonal disputes.

Enterprise Bargaining

Enterprise bargaining drafting and negotiations.

Workplace Training

Training in workplace legal and safety obligations.

Our Consulting Practice Areas

Our Industries

Experienced and Results Driven

  • Government
  • Statutory Authorities
  • Education
  • Health
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Elite Sports
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Childcare
  • Law
  • Banking & Finance

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