Workplace Culture & Policy Reviews


Independent, Evidence-based Workplace Reviews

Is your workplace challenged by a thorny or complex HR issue and you need to work out the underpinning issues and potential ways forward?

An independent workplace review can be used as a targeted intervention to help identify and diagnose hidden or systemic issues or problems in a team or work area and then provide pragmatic solutions.

While workplace investigations typically occur after a complaint has been made, this type of workplace review is generally pre-emptive and is designed to stop situations from escalating.

A workplace policy review can also be utilised to evaluate and assess an organisation’s policies, either generally or at a specific level, to help ensure compliance with overarching legislative, regulatory or ethical frameworks, or organisational philosophy.

Both of these types of reviews are not investigations, but rather a focused, tactical human resource management intervention by independent, external experts.

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When a Workplace Review is Needed

Your organisation may need a workplace review if:

  • Tension, factions and in-fighting split a previously high-performing team.
  • There is a pocket of toxic workplace culture that is resistant to attempts of transformation.
  • High unexplained turnover rates exist within a team or work area.
  • There is suspicion of workplace bullying, harassment or discrimination within a team or work area.
  • The matter involves tension between executive team members and/or Board members.
  • The outcome of any internal review could feed into an external review, workplace investigation or legal process.
  • Your organisation is in need of a general or specific policy review due to an internal or external review process, or other change factors, such regulatory change, complaints or organisational change.
  • Two different policies and/or legislation are appear to be in conflict and your organisation needs to find the right balanced approach.


Complex and Sensitive Workplace Reviews

Standard HR or business consulting solutions often assume an ideal state, where people are assumed to be perfectly logical or rational. That’s why standard interventions often fail. People and workplace cultures are often contradictory, complex and messy.

We are experts in working through complex issues and identifying and diagnosing hidden systemic issues and problems in often emotionally charged or sensitive environments.

Through our deep-listening skills, forensic exploration of issues (both overtly stated and undiscussable) and ability to distil matters to their fundamental core, we help you to create lasting transformation in your workplace.

Our reports and recommendations are thorough, pragmatic and defensible. They take into account individual personalities, roles and over-arching organisational contexts and political environments, and provide clear guidance for any matters that need to be referred for facilitation, mediation, investigation, organisational change, policy change or any other type of action within an organisation’s power that can foreseeably help resolve the issue under review.


Policy Reviews

Every organisation requires operational policies and procedures to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

However, there are situations where it is discovered that organisational policies and procedures have inadvertent consequences, need updating or are in conflict with legislative, regulatory or ethical frameworks or organisational philosophy and values.

We are experts in identifying these complex policy and procedure intersections to develop and recommend pragmatic amendments or revisions to organisational policies and procedures that resolve these conflicts.

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Our Workplace Review Process

Our workplace reviews, including policy reviews, follow similar broad steps.


Terms of Reference

An effective workplace review starts with clear and comprehensive instructions obtained from each client (usually through Terms of Reference) to ensure that the client’s requirements are clearly understood.


Review Planning

We plan the review process and the methodology that we will be applying. This includes ensuring the gender balance of our team wherever appropriate.

Regular contact with the client’s case manager is required to ensure that the methodology being engaged is understood and approved by the client, and that the client is kept aware of the progress of the review and any issues that have arisen. 


Evidence Gathering

Using a combination of sophisticated document discovery and skilful interview processes, evidence is gathered to create a clear picture of the true facts of the situation.

It is during this phase that less skilled reviewers often falter.   While not an investigation, our reviews benefit from the many years of forensic interviewing that we have undertaken in the course of formal workplace investigations that ensures that our review interviews gather every piece of valuable knowledge and perspective that each interviewee has to offer. 


Report Preparation and Presentation


After our review process, we prepare a thorough and detailed analysis and report for the client. This report documents the process adopted in the review, contains all evidence that has been obtained, as well as the findings and recommendations to allow the client to move forward positively with its employees.

Client feedback is that our review reports are comprehensive, logical and sensible, enabling decision-makers to easily determine matters and next steps with confidence. 

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