Workplace Mediation


Don’t Let Workplace Conflicts Drain Your Time, Resources, and Morale

When conflicts arise, don’t risk further escalation. Our mediation service can help create a more positive, productive work environment by resolving disputes fairly and professionally.

We understand that workplace conflicts are costly and time-consuming for both employees and the organisation. They cause stress, low morale and lead to more serious problems if left unaddressed. That’s where workplace mediation comes in.

Our workplace mediation service is designed to help you resolve disputes cost-effectively and efficiently. It’s a confidential process tailored to the needs of the employees in conflict, with the aim of facilitating communication, understanding, and collaboration.

Our impartial mediator will facilitate discussions between the employees in conflict, helping them reach a mutually acceptable resolution. By choosing our mediation services, you can trust that we will help you prevent conflicts from escalating, build trust, improve relationships and teamwork, and ultimately create a more harmonious workplace.

Whether your workplace is currently experiencing conflicts or you want to proactively address potential issues, consider utilising our workplace mediation services. We will help you find a mutually agreeable solution and create a positive, productive work environment.

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Our Workplace Mediation Approach: Empowering, Collaborative, and Flexible

Our workplace mediation service uses the facilitative mediation model, which is collaborative, empowering, and flexible. This model has proven to be one of the most effective approaches to resolving conflicts.

We focus on facilitating communication and understanding between the conflicting parties rather than imposing a solution on them. We create a safe and supportive environment where employees in conflict can express their needs, interests, and concerns. Doing so, we help them understand each other’s perspectives and work towards a mutually acceptable resolution.

Our mediator will guide the conversation and help employees in conflict explore and evaluate possible solutions. Our facilitative model empowers the parties to take ownership of the dispute resolution process. By allowing the parties to make decisions about the outcome, we build their confidence and sense of control.

Our mediation process is tailored to meet the unique needs of each dispute. We adapt the process to the employees’ communication styles, cultural differences, and other factors that may impact the mediation process. This flexibility helps to ensure that the mediation is effective and successful.

Choosing our mediation services means engaging in a fair and collaborative process that restores trust and relationships, promotes communication, and creates a more positive and productive work environment.


Why Choose Our Workplace Mediation Services?

Our extensive experience in workplace mediation provides practical guidance, skilled conflict resolution, and successful outcomes you can trust.

Clients seeking mediation services can significantly benefit from our expertise in effectively resolving workplace conflicts, including interpersonal disputes, bullying and discrimination, grievances, and issues related to access to learning and development opportunities, promotion opportunities and relieving. Our experience in successfully mediating such issues is invaluable to clients.

By engaging a mediator who understands the needs of your organisation and the parties involved, has strong interpersonal skills, and can remain objective and empathetic, parties can work towards a mutually acceptable resolution to the issue at hand.

Our nationally accredited mediators have the expertise to handle any workplace conflict, no matter how complex.

By engaging us, the conflict in your workplace will be mediated by a mediator accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS). Accredited mediators have undergone specialised formal training and assessment, demonstrating competency and professionalism in their work.

They are also bound by a code of conduct and ethical standards, ensuring they uphold a high level of integrity and confidentiality. Engage us, and you can be confident that your dispute is handled by a qualified and experienced professional who will ensure the process is fair, impartial, and confidential.

Our mediation service can create a positive, productive work environment by resolving disputes before they escalate. Trust our expertise to guide you towards successful outcomes.

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Wide-ranging and Extensive Expertise

Our workplace mediation experience covers a wide range of issues, including:

Interpersonal difficulties and conflicts

Workplace Bullying



Access to learning and development opportunities

Relieving and promotion opportunities


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